Experts in Assisting your Rural Property Sale

If it is time to sell your farm, ranch or recreational property, Encina Property Group is here to help you find the right buyer.

If your farm, ranch or recreational property is family owned or corporate owned, chances are it is a significant asset and it’s important to receive the maximum sales price. The goal of the Encina Property Group team is to maximize your income from the sale. As our specialty is rural property, we are the experts at generating you the fair market value for the land as well as facilitating a smooth, quick and efficient sales process, from beginning to end. In the rural property market no two properties are alike and at Encina Property Group we understand and embrace the emotional significance of selling your property. We take the time to listen and develop a relationship with each client. We believe strongly in a long-term personal relationship with our clients and will strive to educate and inform each and every client in order for them to achieve the results they deserve.

When you partner with Encina Property Group to sell your property, you will be working with a team that understands rural acreage from top to bottom. We can assist you in navigating all details of the land sales process, including accurate property evaluations, mineral and water rights, right-of-ways, surveys, environmental matters, building and infrastructure value, property tax insights, 1031 Tax Exchange process and much more.

Assessing Value and Locating Buyers

The marketing team at Encina Property Group will find the characteristics, unique and positive that make your property special and marketable. These characteristics, whether it is location, water availability or accessibility, agricultural production capability, hunting or fishing, aesthetics or any number of other items will be utilized to feature and highlight your property to buyers. 

If it is 10 acres or 10,000 acres, Encina Property Group is ready to start the conversation.


If you are looking to buy or sell a farm, ranch or recreational property, Encina Property Group is here to help you. We will assist you with the entire process and will consider it a privilege to do so.

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Our experienced professionals are ready, willing and able to assist you today with your farm, ranch and recreational rural property needs. Let’s start the conversation.

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With a thorough background in real estate banking we are able to sit down with our clients and guide them to the best options the rural land finance market has available. We offer years of combined real estate banking experience as well as access to some of the most knowledgeable consultants available and are confident we can utilize it to your benefit.